Do Dogs Like When You Talk To Them

Dear Doggy,

I spend a lot of my time alone with my dog in the house. Call me crazy but I can’t help but talk to him all day long. Do dogs like it when you talk to them?

Not Lonely

Dear Not Lonely,

Overall, dogs like it when humans talk to them in a high-pitched, sweet tone called “puppy talk” rather than in a neutral, flat voice. They also respond better when you use words significant to pooches like “park”, “walk”, or “ball,” instead of people-related words. Talking to your dog regularly will train them to pay more attention and develop a better understanding.

Puppy talk is similar to when you talk to babies in a cutesy, affectionate way. Experts dub this as “dog-directed speech” because it appeals to canines due to its simple language and cheery, high tone.

We have reasons to believe that your adorable doggo would absolutely love it if you talk to them regularly.

  1. Your dog will pay more attention. Calling your dog in an exaggerated happy tone will make your dog more attentive to what you are saying rather than a dull, lifeless monotone. Combine it with a heartfelt, “Good boy!” and you can catch and hold the attention even of a distracted pup. 
  2. Your dog will develop more understanding. While pups generally get better at understanding your moods and behavior through years of observing you, talking to your dog often will speed up his progress. 
  3. Your dog will spend more time with you. A 2018 study published in Animal Cognition journal revealed that pups are more drawn to humans who speak in dog-directed speech. Chatting with your dog is a great way to bond especially if you are too busy to take them for a walk.
  4. Your dog will be less frightened. Mutts get scared too, because of loud noises, a nightmare, or if you unintentionally hurt them. An emotional sing-song tone can soothe their fear.

What Do Dogs Think About All Day?

It would be great if our dogs can share their thoughts. During their long gazes in the front yard or as they curiously stare at you, what could they be thinking?

For the most part, dogs think about their pet parents and human friends. They are hard-wired to love and protect you and your family as part of his “pack”. Pooches also think about activities they love doing the most such as bonding with human and dog friends, eating, playing, and sleeping.

Studies show that dogs have a relatively smaller brain than humans and have the cognition capacity of toddlers. It is no surprise then that their thoughts are as simple as follows: 

  1. Humans. Your pooch’s world revolves around you. He is attentive to your movements, moods, feelings, and behavior. He does this by detecting visual cues, changes in scent, and auditory signals. Dogs are also very aware that he depends on his humans for his basic needs and protection. In return, he is very protective of you and his pack and thinks frequently about marking his territory. 
  2. Food. Dogs seem to be ready to receive snacks at any given time or are always searching for food. Because they think of food as a primary means of survival, dogs anticipate meal times all the time. 
  3. Play. Depending on what kind of exercise his owners expose him to, a dog is always looking forward to fun times and games with his friends. They especially prefer outdoor activities such as a walk in the park, playing fetch in the yard, or chasing a squirrel. 
  4. Sleep. A pup spends the majority of his time snoozing so his thoughts mainly involve the most comfortable sleeping spot or when his next nap is going to be.

Should I Talk To My Dog Through Camera?

We hate to be away from our furry babies! Thanks to advanced technology, we can watch our dogs through a camera and even talk to them. But should we?

Generally, talking to your dog through a pet camera is a good way of soothing him from his loneliness and anxiety of being alone. You can also give him verbal warnings against things he should not do while you are away. But if your pup gets more agitated in hearing you talk through a camera because he cannot see or smell you, it is best not to do it.

Owing to modern innovations, seeing your precious mutt whenever you like is now a possibility. 

What’s more exciting is you can now talk to your pooch via two-way audio even while you are at work. But is it good for your dog?


  • Your dog will be less lonely. Dogs love to be with us all the time. So if we have to leave them at home, they may experience separation anxiety. Some pups whine, cry, or bark endlessly in your absence. Hearing your voice through the camera speakers can calm them and reassure them that you did not abandon them.  
  • Your dog can be trained remotely. Without a human present to scold them, a dog might think it is okay to climb to your bed or chew on the furniture. Telling your dog to “get off” and “stop that” will remind them that those actions are never allowed with or without you around.


  • Your dog can be more restless. Some dogs get confused about hearing your voice through a device but cannot find you anywhere in the house or smell your scent. He could run around barking, feeling more agitated, and annoying your neighbors in the process.

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