Can You Breed a Dog and a Cat?

Dear Doggy,

My family is blessed to have both a dog and a cat in our household. This makes me wonder, can you breed a dog and a cat? I would hate for it to happen by accident!

Concerned and Confused

Dear Concerned,

You might be surprised with how frequently this question is asked. It may seem like simple science, but let’s clear the air…

It is not possible to breed a dog and a cat with each other so that they will produce a litter of offspring. Even if it was possible to have a dog and a cat mate with each other, fertilization is impossible because they are two different species of animals.

Some of the confusion may come from the CatDog cartoon, or perhaps it is because one of the animals can get frisky with the other animal. Don’t be concerned, you won’t end up with an unexpected litter from these two very different animals.

Read on to learn more about breeding animals of different species…

Is a Fox a Cross between a Cat and a Dog?

This is a very interesting question. Foxes are related to dogs but they act more like a feline. It doesn’t have anything to do with them being crossed between a dog and a cat, but the similarities are striking.

For example, some foxes will be more active at night, which is a common trait of many cats. The pupils of their eyes are created in such a way that they can see when the lighting is very low. Again, however, it is not because they are related to cats.

It’s also interesting that foxes are related to dogs and wolves but they don’t run in a pack like those other animals. They tend to raise their young individually or in small families, which are referred to as a ‘leash’.

Another way that they are different is because of their living style. Unlike dogs or cats, they often live in underground dens

Then again, a fox will climb a tree, like a cat. In the end, a fox is its own animal.

Is a Cabbit a Real Animal?

There are a number of fictional animals that are said to be a hybrid between two different species. A cabbit is an example, as it is a mixture between a cat and a rabbit.

Cabbits are mythical creatures that were popularized in various fantasy stories, most notably, Japanese anime. Although there have been some indications that they exist in the wild, it is either a matter of a hoax or a Manx cat that has been misidentified.

Another animal that would fall under the same category is a Jackalope, which is a combination between an antelope and a jackrabbit. These mythical animals have been the subject of some interesting conversation in the past, but they also do not exist.

Can a House Cat Breed with a Lion or Other Big Cat?

This may seem like something that is more of a possibility, as both of them are cats. The fact of the matter is, however, it is very rare for any feline hybrids to exist in the wild.

For example, the liger is another fictional creature that is said to be a combination of a tiger and a lion. This type of interspecies mating does not happen.

In addition, you would have a difficult time getting a house cat and a big, wildcat to be in the same space without the house cat suffering an early demise.

The bottom line is, cats and dogs cannot breed and produce a litter of offspring. It is just physically not possible for them to do so.

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